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Why even measure public opinion? Because we live in a democracy. In case you didn’t know, the USA is a republic, and republic is just another word for representative democracy.

Representative is the magic word here. All of our elected leaders, who vote on policies that affect our lives, are charged with the task of representing us. We are the ones in charge. They are the ones taking orders… at least in theory.

But are they really representing you?

Well, when was the last time your senator called you up and asked for your opinion on a controversial new internet regulation? Probably never, and that’s a problem.

Most elected leaders are driving with blinders on and have no idea of what you even want, and the only people they get feedback from are corporate lobbyists and wealthy mega-donors. Your so-called representatives can’t do their job of representing you if they don’t even know what you want. Your elected leaders need a way to hear you.

If only there was a way for you to say what you want and have your leaders listen…

Good news! There is! GloPoll to the rescue!

GloPoll harnesses the power of public opinion data to get you what you want. We do this by pressuring your representatives to do what you want. We motivate them to represent you faithfully as if their jobs depended on it… because they do.

But none of this can be done without real, representative, credible public opinion data. That’s why GloPoll measures public opinion through fun and engaging polls and publishes the anonymized results online in order to make your leaders work for you. We provide the information and motivation needed to keep our representative democracy working.

That’s why GloPoll takes measuring public opinion so seriously.

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