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At GloPoll we understand that voting is great, but sometimes it is just too slow to achieve needed change. Political commentator and podcast legend, Dan Carlin points out the the right to petition government is there because sometimes voting just is not enough.

Photo of Dan Carlin, celebrated history podcaster and political commentator.

…that’s one of the most important rights enshrined in the Constitution; the right to peacefully assemble— Petition the government for address of grievances — Protest—demonstrate. it’s an acknowledgement by the founding fathers themselves that voting wouldn’t always be enough to solve our problems.

Dan Carlin

We at GloPoll agree. Elections are simply too infrequent, and the choices of what we get to vote on are so watered down by the time we show up at the ballot box, that voting behavior alone is not enough to solve urgent issues in a timely manner. 

So what is the alternative? What can we as citizens do to make a meaningful difference? We all have opinions, but how do we apply them to create real-world change? Dan describes the power of applied public opinion as such:

“you have only to look at history to see how often public opinion and the public all of a sudden focusing together on an idea moves mountains”

Dan Carlin

Dan goes on to describe the awesome potential of applied public opinion:

“…lots of people all together, in a single location, at the same time, over and over again… much more effective; an awesome amount of power…”

Great, so what’s the problem? As he puts it, public opinion is:

“extremely hard to deploy  hard to get enough people interested hard to maintain the focus and commitment and also extremely hard to get a cross-section of people…”

The two main challenges he mentions to deploying public opinion are: (1) getting enough people interested and focused on an issue, and (2) including a representative cross-section of people.

Good news! GloPoll has solutions for both of these challenges.

Challenge 1: Maintaining public interest and focus on an issue

GloPoll is an online platform made for you to express your political grievances. On GloPoll, the issues with the most engagement get the most visibility and stick around until they build enough pressure to be actionable.

Compare this to prevailing social media platforms where new trends come and go every day. This speed is unhelpful for building movements where an entire population needs to to be aware of an issue and angry about it all at the same time. Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other ad-driven platforms fail at doing this. They are much better at dividing people into tribes, isolating people into echo-chambers, and generally making sure that your political expression is forgotten before it has a chance to make a difference. No thank you. GloPoll provides a better way for your ideas to catch traction and become action.  

Just because an idea is Trending on Twitter does not mean it is movement-worthy. In fact, the way Twitter rewards outrageous attention-grabbing content with free attention, there’s a good chance that things trending on Twitter are not movement-worthy. How do you know if you have a movement? If your cause or issue is supported from a wide cross-section of the population. This brings us to challenge 2. 

Challenge 2: Ensuring broad support

How do we make sure GloPoll is not an echo chamber like the other social media platforms that allow motivated minorities to dominate the discussion? Hint: it’s in our name. We conduct polls! We take the most popular ideas out of the forums, and recirculate them as polls, using best practices to include everybody. Polls are like mini-elections that are cheap, easy, and don’t require you to bother everybody in the country. We do polls so we can verify that the issues in the GloPoll forum are actually representative of the entire population. We then publish this data online to provide high-quality public opinion data to lawmakers and journalists.  If an issue has wide support in the GloPoll USA forum, and then our secondary polls also show wide support, that means we have an issue with  movement-worthy levels of support, and a public that is already engaged the issue. 

GloPoll makes it easy for you to build and deploy a political movement. Get started here.


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