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Who we are

Hi there, we are GloPoll, a polling company that connects citizens with their governments.

What we do

We use big data to make democracy work for everybody by measuring and leveraging public opinion to hold power accountable. 

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to make political influence accessible to all.

The problem is corruption

Democracy is for sale. Political corruption is the norm because political bribery is legal. That means ordinary citizens’ voices are being drowned out by lobbyists and wealthy donors who buy political influence in the form of campaign donations.

Citizens need a way to be heard without spending money and good leaders need a way to win elections without selling out. 

Our vision

Wouldn’t it be so much better if members of Congress represented their people instead of corporations? This is possible, but first we need to give citizens a way to be heard and give legislators a pressing reason to care.

The GloPoll solution

We give citizens a platform where their voices are equal and anonymous, just like on Election Day. We’ve already built online forums for every city, state, nation and country in the world. Here citizens can express opinions in the form of agree/disagree polls that only their peers can respond to. This format quickly highlights areas where there is mass consensus and paves the way for progress.

GloPoll tests these opinion trends with the daily Civic Survey, which asks randomly selected users to respond to trending polls from the GloPoll forums. Users get rewards for responding to the Civic Survey, and can earn more rewards for responding to other surveys. 

To advance our mission, we publish our poll data publicly to  help incumbent or aspiring elected officials represent the people in a given area. 

GloPoll data makes elections everywhere more competitive, by allowing the underdog candidate (who has less money but better policy positions) a fighting chance at getting elected. 

GloPoll forums give citizens a platform where their opinions matter and the best ones will build traction and trigger action. GloPoll forums are the one place online where citizens are as equal, anonymous, and powerful as they are on Election Day.

What comes next?

We are constantly growing GloPoll to achieve a more representative pool of poll respondents. Other objectives currently in progress are:

  • Working on raising a Massachusetts respondent panel in conjunction with:
  • Forming partnerships with local election campaigns who will buy our polling services
  • Developing a crypto token to create a daily user rewards pool that stimulates user growth and incentivizes users to respond to surveys
  • Growing the user base and spreading awareness.


In order for GloPoll to live up to the promise of creating accessible influence for all, the network needs to grow. That means we need active users and helpful influencers to help us get the word out about GloPoll.

Is GloPoll for you?

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I have opinions about issues of local, state, national, or global significance?
  • Was I underwhelmed when I tried to achieve social change using social media or e-petitions?
  • Do I think that in democracy the best ideas/candidates should win over the ideas/candidates with the most financial backing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, GloPoll has something for you. Please download GloPoll today and discover how you can make a difference where you live! 

You can also help by sharing GloPoll with a friend who is politically active online. (We all know at least one!)

Even if you aren’t a political junkie, your opinions still count just as much as anybody else’s. That’s why we encourage you to open GloPoll daily and respond to the Civic Survey, which helps us measure and leverage the power of public opinion to ensure your policy preferences are being taken into account. As a thank you for responding to the Civic Survey, GloPoll gives you valuable tokens that will be redeemable (or resellable) for in-app polling services. Don’t miss out!

GloPoll needs users and influencers in order to reach it’s full potential. You can help by hitting any or all of the links below. Thanks for caring and thanks for sharing!

📲 | Download GloPoll!  https://get.glopoll.org 
🔔 | Subscribe to GloPoll on YouTube  https://bit.ly/Sub2GloPoll 
✍️ | Give feedback https://bit.ly/Rate_Your_Gov
📸 | Tag us on Instagram http://bit.ly/GloPollGram 
↪️ | Share with friends & family on Facebook https://bit.ly/GloPollFB
📮 | Join our mailing list! https://glopoll.org

How to help GloPoll

  1. Download GloPoll

  2. Join our mailing list

  3. Tell a friend

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