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Hi all, my name is Jamie and I’m the founder of GloPoll, a political polling app that gives the power back to the people.

The world is in dire trouble, environmentally, socially, economically–however you look at it. In a democracy, the shared common sense of regular people should be sufficient to steer society in a good direction.

The problem is that democracy in the USA and around the world has been hijacked by corporations and special interests, to the detriment of society and the environment.

Citizens need access to influence or else we will watch the world be destroyed in our lifetimes. A better way is possible and needed. GloPoll is my answer to the problem of powerless citizens. GloPoll harnesses public opinion to empower citizens and hold those in power accountable.

I want a peaceful and prosperous future for myself, my family, and future generations. This will not be possible unless we make some serious changes.

GloPoll is here to ensure that you have the power and influence needed to make your government work for you. GloPoll makes sure that the best ideas win, and the best people win elections.

GloPoll uses the world as it is today to create a world we want for tomorrow. Join the movement today.


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