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We just launched a GloPoll update which highlights GloPoll’s game-changing features. Get it here!

Share opinions. Be heard. Change the world. Respond to the Civic Survey to grow your influence and get rewards!

Keeping our Promise

GloPoll is built to be the most empowering place on the internet for citizens to achieve political influence. We create accessible influence for all by creating a platform where citizens’ voices are anonymous and equal. No amount of money and no amount of fame can manipulate GloPoll trends one way or another. GloPoll is a place to hear and participate in an authentic public square where the best ideas win. GloPoll is built to make sure that citizens are heard, and leaders listen. Our latest update to GloPoll brings functionality that will help us live up to that promise.

See The Best First

Now you can see the most popular polls on GloPoll right when you open the app. This way you can engage with the most interesting topics first. These poll results quickly highlight to elected officials how they can better accommodate your policy preferences.

Introducing the Civic Survey

The Civic Survey is where you respond to 10 popular opinion polls shared by people in your city, state, country or the planet – and at the end you get a token!

Tokens to Reward Participation

We think citizens should get paid to influence their communities, and not the other way around. For now, we reward GloPoll users who respond to the Civic Survey with tokens. These tokens record your participation and make you eligible for our daily rewards pool that is still in the development stages. You can earn one token per day by responding to the Civic Survey. Try it!

See the Hottest Polls

The “Hot” tab shows polls that get the most votes, regardless of how popular they are.

Civic Survey Widget

The Civic Survey widget is now pinned to the top of the home feed so you don’t miss a chance to earn your daily token!

New Look

We’ve done a makeover to the home feed for an improved user experience! Stay tuned for more features to come!

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