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An App With A Mission

GloPoll is an app with a mission  to make democracy work for everybody. In other words, 

we aim to put the “representative” back in “representative democracy.”

In order to bridge the gap between voter wants and policy outcomes, citizens need a meaningful way to be heard. That’s why GloPoll is built to create accessible influence for all.

Our app is geared toward bringing the current flawed state of democracy into alignment with our core values; that citizens are equal and elections are fair.

Healing wounds in the democratic process is so important, because without functional government, we will have no way to deal with present and future threats to our collective health, security and economic wellbeing. Continuing to live under unresponsive flawed democracy will leave us frustrated, downtrodden and powerless to improve our own fate, as well as the fate of future generations.

Our Approach

Our approach involves making it easy for citizens to be heard where their opinions count, and making it easy for elected leaders to hear their citizens. We take this a step further by providing incentives for citizens to share their opinions, and incentives for leaders who listen (as well as letting unresponsive leaders understand that there will be consequences at the ballot box).

Direct Democracy?

People often ask “is GloPoll direct democracy?” Not quite. To bypass the thriving debate on whether direct democracy is practical or even desirable, we simply strive to put the “representative” back in “representative democracy.” To learn more about democratic innovation visit our Democracy Blog.

Whereas many new ideas in civic tech require permission from the entrenched status quo in order to be implemented, GloPoll meets the world where it is now to create a better future that we decide on together. What’s so refreshing about GloPoll’s approach is that we don’t need anybody’s permission to start empowering citizens today.

Starting Small

GloPoll has grand ambitions to accomplish this crucial purpose of making  democracy work for everybody. The good news is we can get there with small simple steps that amount to fundamental change. Likewise, GloPoll is a work in progress. That’s why we published an early version of GloPoll to both app stores so that early adopters can get started right away. Be aware that the GloPoll app as it is today is just a hint of what is to come.

Going Big

In order to live up to our mission we are currently working to implement features like:

  • Letting you contact your representatives directly: anonymously or publicly
  • Showing you how your leaders align with your preferences
  • Getting paid for responding to surveys
  • Reward tokens that grow in value/utility as GloPoll grows

At the end of the day, we are here to empower citizens like you, so that you can have a voice on issues that affect your life. This should be a given. We shouldn’t even need an app to make democracy work for everybody. We just aren’t there yet. But with your help and participation we can get there, together.

How You Can Help

If you want to help shape the platform that will someday help you shape public policy where you live, download GloPoll now to get started. We are always accepting feedback at as that is how we improve. If you like the idea of a citizen empowering app that puts the power to shape public policy in your hands, but would rather wait until it’s a bit more polished, you can still join our mailing list to stay posted as the project moves forward.

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