What is MassPanel?

MassPanel is a project by GloPoll which gives Massachusetts citizens the opportunity to participate in public opinion research surveys to be heard, shape public policy decisions and get paid.

MassPanel helps connect Massachusetts citizens with elected leaders so we can bridge the gap between voter preferences and policy outcomes.

As a member of MassPanel you will sit on a citizen’s advisory panel to make sure your policy preferences on Massachusetts issues are being taken into account.

Why join MassPanel?

Because ordinary citizens don’t have access to meaningful political influence in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts leaders (incumbent and aspiring) don’t have an easy accessible way to get public opinion insights from Massachusetts citizens like you.

Why now?

Relying on Twitter or Facebook data is a lousy way to measure public opinion trends. These platforms showcase a vocal minority that tends to crowd out the voices of average citizens. There’s no better way to be heard or hear Massachusetts voters than with MassPanel.

Where is MassPanel?

MassPanel is a project by GloPoll, that focuses on measuring and leveraging public opinion to enable good governance. MassPanel may become its own dedicated nonprofit in the near future.

MassPanel is currently dedicated to Massachusetts-specific issues. If you you’d like to earn rewards responding to opinion polls about local, national, and global issues, you can easily do that today with the GloPoll app.

Who is MassPanel for?

MassPanel is perfect for you if you:

  • live in Massachusetts
  • are 18 or older
  • and want to get paid for responding to public opinion surveys.

If you are a thought leader, and the occasional paid survey isn’t enough for you, you will get a lot of enjoyment out of using GloPoll, where citizens are as equal and powerful as on Election Day – every day. Try the app today.

How it works

  1. Register with the form below.
  2. Confirm your email and fill out the demographic survey
  3. Respond. We’ll notify you once you’ve been selected for a paid survey.
  4. Receive money by your preferred method: PayPal, gift card, crypto or paper check.

Join MassPanel with the form below to get started earning money for sharing your opinions!

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