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GloPoll Values

GloPoll is a neutral platform for citizens to express their opinions and concerns. This is important because if you aren’t representing yourself, there is no possible way for your elected representatives to represent you. Democracy literally cannot function without you. Let’s talk about our values here at GloPoll.


The term democracy has different meanings for different folks, but at the end of the day we are talking about voter-driven form of government that is;

“of the people, by the people, for the people”

Abraham Lincoln

In order for a democracy to be legitimate it must meet a three simple criteria:

1. Fair Elections

This should be simple, but it means the election process is not rigged against certain people, candidates or policy proposals. 

2. Equal Representation

This means every citizen’s voice carries equal weight; on election day, as well as every other day.

3. Not for sale

If money can buy political outcomes, the rich will keep buying policies that enrich and empower themselves at your expense.

Legitimate democracy must be unrigged, equal, and not for sale. 

But that is not even close to the reality we live in, at least not in here the USA where GloPoll is based. You’d be hard pressed to find any modern democracy that is living up to all three of these standards.

We wish for democracies around the world to live up to the branding. Or as American political commentator Dan Carlin puts it:

“My wish is for an America that matches the marketing material”

Dan Carlin

The road to to reform looks different for each country wishing to achieve an idealized democracy. But there is one common thread that is at the core of GloPoll’s mission; citizens need to be empowered. Where citizens are powerful democracy is true. True democracies are more resilient to corruption.

Empowering Citizens

Empowering citizens is an end in itself but also the fastest and most constructive way to eliminating corruption worldwide. Read more about how GloPoll empowers citizens in the next post.

About GloPoll

GloPoll is committed to empowering citizens with technology to take back control of their democracies. We create tools to help democracies live up to the ideals of equality, inclusiveness and governments that work for their people.


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