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Hi there, I’m Jamie Slate, the founder of a civic-tech startup called GloPoll. I’m also a Umass alum with a degree in political science.

So how did I go from politics to tech startup? My political science background showed me the problem, and GloPoll is my best solution to the the biggest problem in the world. What is the problem anyway?

Ordinary citizens don’t have access to real political power.

As long as (1) money plays a role in politics and (2) citizens don’t have an effective and accessible way to be heard, then we don’t really have a democracy anymore (read more about why voting isn’t enough).

The GloPoll solution is ambitious but simple. We created online community forums for every city, state and country in the entire world. These forums give all citizens a powerful voice where they live.  The forums are made up of simple agree/disagree polls that only locals can respond to. This format is simple, engaging, and inclusive. For example, a user might post an opinion about the cost of healthcare into the USA National forum, and then all other Americans are able to respond to it, equally and anonymously, by hitting the agree or disagree button. 

Unlike TV news and social media which feed on wedge issues, outrage, and political polarization, GloPoll is structured around making popular issues so prominent that they become impossible to ignore. For example the vast majority of Americans consider corruption to be a major issue but somehow Washington isn’t self-correcting. An external kick in the butt is needed. In comes GloPoll. 

Here’s the GloPoll solution in 3 steps:
(1) Citizens define the discussion in the location-based forums.
(2) GloPoll tests these trends through online polls that reach a broad cross section of people in the target area.
(3) We publish our data online to incentivize good governance and create competitive elections.

With wide adoption, GloPoll will elevate the voice of the people–making their preferences something that leaders take seriously– and diminish the role of money in politics by providing transparency that enables and incentivizes good governance.

We want politicians working hard to earn our votes through awesome representation, instead of selling us out and then trying to buy back our votes with dirty mega-donor money.

GloPoll will make this ideal into a reality. If you haven’t already downloaded GloPoll, I’d love it if you’d give it a spin and give me your take on it. Get it here for iPhone or Android.

I’d love to get some of your feedback.

First, what do you think of GloPoll as a concept? Do you agree that polls are a more effective and inclusive mechanism for achieving change than something like petitions?

Second,  what do you think of the current version of GloPoll as it is today? When you use it, do you see how it will live up to the promise of elevating the voices of ordinary citizens?

If you like the concept and like what you see, I’d be HONORED if you would download GloPoll and become an early user. Do you have ideas you’d like to spread across the world? Please share them on GloPoll where they will spread, gain traction, and trigger real-world action. 

Jamie Slate
GloPoll Founder

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